Mentor Business Development specializes on planning and implementation of special solutions for special situations, and strategic operation methods well-suited for the digital age.

Key Advantages

Among Our Clients

South Hasharon Regional Council
Kefar Bilu Agricultural Society
Campaign against a battery plant
A variety of white collar clients
Top tier Israeli law firms
Media representation during civil and criminal proceedings
The Electric Company Labor Union
Hayim Tzuri - Mayor of Kiryat-Motskin
Election Campaign and Takeover
Yehuda Shavit - Head, Mate Asher Regional Council
Election campaign and victory
Shmuel Siso - Former Mayor of Kiryat-Yam
Election campaign and takeover
Lambda Crossing
Optic Fibers
XLoom Communications
Electrooptic Technologies
Foxboro NMR
Controllers for the oil production industry
D.T. - Diagnostic Technologies
A biotechnology company

Success Against All Odds

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